Andi (parent)

Ryan’s excellent enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge of the game transpires in all the coaching sessions that he delivers. My son Rudi attends both the 1-1 and 8-1 RB sessions. The 1-1 sessions are used to obtain Ryan’s outstanding coaching and initiative coaching drills to work on areas of  Rudi’s 6 week personal player development plan as defined by his Academy team, whereas  the 8-1 sessions are excellent for improvement and nurturing areas of the game in a multi-player environment. The improvement in Rudi since attending Ryan sessions is amazing and has enabled Rudi to excel in Academy football. Most importantly Rudi always enjoys and is excited to attend Ryan’s sessions, Rudi always comes away learning something new.

Leigh (parent)

Ryan has been taking a weekly session with three of the players from my sons team. Over the last few months he has improved their skills, techniques & importantly confidence, all of which they take into the game on Sunday. Ryan creates a high challenge / high support environment which pushes the boys out of their comfort zones but they really enjoy it as well.

Chis (parent)

My son cole uses both 1to 1 and 8to1 and found it very beneficial. In the 1to1 ryan works on the things that need improvement and the 8to1 is more like an academy. Ryan and Tony are very dedicated and two of the best coaches I’ve seen they are very welcoming and genuine people. It’s a pleasure knowing them.

Ryan’s coaching is simply outstanding. His sessions are intensive but fun and not only is my son vastly improving as a player, but also, my knowledge of how to help support and encourage him in a positive way is also improving due to Ryan’s parent clinic sessions.

Sanj (parent)

Ryan has been working with Ethan for the past 3 years and Ethan’s development has progressed significantly from a technical perspective. Ryan has the ability to bring out the best in Ethan and also keeps it fun at the same time.

Donna – Parent

My son has been to various football academies and all have played their part in his development. However, I feel Ryan’s 8to1 academy is more relevant to the game. Over 3 weeks the kids learn various skills based on a specific topic; defending, attacking etc and then the game week allows them to put those skills into practice. The skills taught are detailed and clearly demonstrated so that the kids understand the principles and what they need to do. The parent clinic is an added (for me, unique) benefit. It’s a great opportunity for parents learn the skills so that they can practice with their child and reinforce what’s taught at the academy.

My son loves the 8to1 academy. He says it helps him be a better player and it’s a fun. He really likes all the coaches, he thinks they’re great.

Sacha (parent)

Ashton has been attending the 1:1 and 8to1 programme with Ryan at the RB Academy for 6 months. I can honestly say the whole experience has been fantastic from speaking with Ryan prior to Ashton joining the programme to understand the coaching philosophy and how Ryan would work with Ashton to develop unbreakable technique, to seeing Ashton applying skills and techniques learnt outside of the coaching environment. All coaching is planned for Ashton as an individual and interactive for both player and parent. I can’t thank Ryan and the RB Academy Team enough for the confidence and development I have seen in Ashton in such a short period of time.