The company was Formed in 2013 by UEFA Licence coach Ryan Byrne, who previously held roles at a number of local academies and worked for 2 years as a specialist skills coach. Based in the Midlands region RB Coaching’s reputation as the leading development centre in the area is becoming more prominent year by year.

Reinventing the way football is taught, RB Coaching specializes in 1to1 football tuition and small group work. Their individual skills methods not only involve the players; the parents of the player are heavily involved in the programme. Through are technical development center & parent education projects everyone who comes into contact with RB Coaching comes away more skillful, more knowledgeable, more confident and a better all round player/parent. Its strong links with local academies have seen many players go on trial at local clubs and a healthy number go on to be registered at professional clubs.

How we teach

THE HOW (The visual)
How the move looks and feels. Teaching the player the chosen technique in the finest possible detail through high standard demonstrations at full speed and slow motion with the use of instant recorded video feedback. Once the technique has been shown, players have multiple chances to master the technique off both feet.

THE WHAT (The decision & outcome)
What is the outcome of the technique or what are the different situations which might force the player to adapt the technique slightly to achieve a positive outcome.

THE WHERE (The game)
A discussion with the player as to where they think the taught technique may be used geographically on the pitch.

THE WHEN (The timing)
Recognizing when to use a chosen technique can make all the difference in a certain moment in a game. The timing of every technique is dependent on the position of opponents and team mates as well as the individual’s personal ability to be reactive and identify a penetrative moment.

THE WHY (The understanding)
To check players understanding of the technique and exercises from the lesson, the player is always asked ‘WHY’ why do we use this technique in this situation? Why make this move instead of this perhaps?. It is the understanding of the WHY which adds the finishing touches to R.B. Coaching’s philosophy and determines whether learning has taken place during the session.

So what separates RB Coaching from its many competitors?
The fact that every other development center caters for 16 players per group, the 8to1 academy will never exceed 8. Less players equals more focus, more attention, greater intake of knowledge, less distractions and more 1to1 time with the UEFA QUALIFIED coaches.
As mentioned we work with Parents intensely, who we see as the most important cog in the machine. We are currently the only development center in the UK working with parents.

The other difference is that RB Coaching is not just a brand, they are a philosophy! The “Footballers Shape” created and molded by Ryan Byrne has been embraced by coaches, players and parents over a 3 year period. The shape is ingrained into all our members and once taught by one of our professionals will last a lifetime. A portion of each lesson will always focus on this shape Across the Midlands, see if you can identify an RB member by his “footballers shape”.
Video content courtesy of the Grassroots Football Channel on Youtube.